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How to use macro from another workbook?

Posted by | July 26, 2010 .

When you record a macro then save, it doesn’t mean this macro can only be use for this workbook. This macro actually can be use for all open workbooks as long the original macro workbook still open. For example 1st workbook open contain macro and enable, after that open another workbook without macro inside. You still can run macro from new workbook by pointing to Tools menu; macro and macros then select your desired macro with condition new workbook open from the same root. For example your macro workbook opens from desktop with double click but new workbook from start menu – excel open then your macro will not take place.

From the above figure you can see if you run macro from another workbook file name appeared first and followed by macro name. As usual select this macro, then click run. You’re done!

Good luck.

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