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How to get Text to Display and Also link address via VBA?

Posted by | January 25, 2013 .

In Microsoft Excel when have hyperlink normally the text in cell become blue and when we move our cursor on top, it will display the link address which is hidden inside. Therefore some time necessary to get Text to Display and also the hyperlink
address via code or Visual Basic for Applications. Below example will do the job for you. Please try by inserting this code into module, run and feedback to me the result, please don’t forget to put hyperlink into cell A1.

Option Explicit

Sub GetHyperlinkAndText()
Dim GetText As String
Dim GetAddress As String
On Error GoTo line1
GetText = Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).TextToDisplay
GetAddress = Range("A1").Hyperlinks(1).Address
MsgBox "Your anchor Text = " & GetText & Chr(10) & "Your link = " & GetAddress
MsgBox "Sorry! Link not found."
End Sub

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